M1KE 1 is an unemployed twenty something who lives somewhere in the 707 area code 2. He let’s people assume his glorified volunteer work coaching basketball is a full time endeavor so he doesn’t have to talk about the actual plans he’s not making for his life. When he’s not coaching basketball he mostly spends his time playing video games 3, listening to podcasts 4, watching TV 5, or whatever other form of procrastination he can pull off with minimal effort 6.

Recently, M1KE has been overcome by the malaise 7 that one might expect would substantiate as a result of not attempting to get your life together for months 8 at a time. In an attempt to break out of it 9 he’s decided to start this blog; hoping that the exercise of writing everyday can help him out of his current funk. He’ll be trying his best to post everyday, with basketball related posts coming on the weekend.

M1KE also delves into music from time to time, though his insecurity disallows him from calling himself a “rapper” as a black unemployed twenty something. His music typically has a more traditional hip hop sound, with a focus put on lyricism 10. You can listen to what he’s been working on in the “Music” section of the menu above.


  1. who doesn’t want to use his government on this site
  2. shout out Solano
  3. 2K, The Show, GTA, Stardew Valley
  4. /Filmcast, Mickstape, Back 2 Back, Joanna-verse
  5. too much to name
  6. Twitter and puzzle games, mostly
  7. it’s an all out depression but malaise is a cool word
  8. years
  9. do anything besides talk to a therapist
  10. mostly because he’s not really capable of making music that has any type of “appeal”